‘I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”
— — Mother Theresa

Classes are hosted in the BENHUE coffee shop and workspace and instructed by experienced consultants and professionals. Where possible, we will provide links to or a biography for each instructor.

You’re in good company…

‘Ashanti is an amazing individual to work with. Her passion and drive is reflected through her actions. I use Ashanti’s services as a teacher, mentor to my business. Ashanti is also a strategic connector to resources. Ashanti’s efficient and proactive approach means my business will continue to use Ashanti’s services always. I would definitely recommend you use Ashanti as your mentor and teacher. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Ashanti much more.’ 


I would highly recommend Ashanti as she was thorough in her approach and very knowledgeable in her field and will support you to achieve your goals in your business. I now have a robust marketing schedule to use in my business thanks to excellent feedback received from Ashanti. If you use her services I can highly recommend that you won't be disappointed. Ashanti made me feel that I had something of great value to offer to my clients and by having robust marketing systems in place was really beneficial to help me achieve greater results. 


‘I cannot express enough how helpful Ashanti’s coaching was. The advice was positive, concise and constructive. Not only was the content totally relevant and up-to-date but her style of delivery left me motivated and energized to implement all that we’d discussed. Ashanti was supportive and encouraging: she gave me clear methods on the ‘how’ with both ideas I’d been formulating (but had not established a clear direction with), as well as new concepts, which could transform my business to the next level.’


‘Ashanti has been a true inspiration and delivered the kick/encouragement that I needed to take the leap in setting up my own food business – something I had only dreamed of over the last 20 years!  Having access to and gleaning a wealth of information, ideas and tips from Ashanti, I am now getting myself and my products out there. I felt prepared and ready to approach my target audience, overcoming the fears that left me daunted at the thought of promoting my products’.


I love, love, love me some Ashanti...the best investment in myself/ business I have made in many many years. I was previously stuck, just stuck! Frozen in time, wasting my energy going to empty women's meetups and gaining watery content and advice, nothing tangible nothing I could really apply to my business. And then enter Ashanti, my word. Its only been a month and nothing looks the same, Ashanti gave me a boost, she activated me. Within a couple of weeks, I launched the website I had been talking about doing for months. I then got booked as a Keynote speaker [Leading Global Conference For Women], which has led to so many more opportunities. I have a clear vision and strategy to make money. My focus is on making money and enjoying what I am doing and I know I am good at. For the first time in many years I have full confidence that I can and will have a business that can pay me and afford me the life I want. Don't waste time get real results, real tangible advice and training and strategy and make it work. It's your life! Do not waste it, please.


I had no reservations about speaking with Ashanti or joining the group as I had met her at her January event. She was so personable and professional.  It was great speaking with her then and on the phone. She gave clear guidance and was so encouraging, her passion is obvious and infectious and that helps so much.  Thanks Ashanti!


Before we worked with Ashanti, we lacked the confidence to believe in our idea and had fears about how to start our business on a small scale and making everything perfect before we launched. We now have confidence in our idea, clear direction in the next steps. Ashanti also gave us out of the box ideas for routes to market and starting the business in a manageable way. Our favourite bit about working with Ashanti [was experiencing] her incredible knowledge of the food industry. Ashanti knows everything about launching a food business, even the things that you didn't realise that you didn't know! - Garden Cottage Kitchen. 


I was changing business direction into a completely new area and I was scared about how to do this pivot. I knew that this new direction was what I wanted to do but was scared about how long it would take me to re-establish my new direction with a new audience. The main benefits of working with Ashanti were getting clear on what I could offer, who I could offer it to and most importantly how I could offer it in ways that would be of value to them and be profitable for me.

I loved the energy and vibrancy that Ashanti has, she is a woman brimming with ideas, vitality and passion around wanting to see you succeed. The hour that I spent with her has really opened my eyes to what is possible for me and has given me the confidence to really go for it. I would definitely recommend Ashanti to anyone who needs help defining their business direction and services. Ashanti has that knack of knowing how to tease out business offerings that will appeal to your target audience and fit your style of business delivery.