Why Do We Need The Catford Gift List?

Why Do We Need The Catford Gift List?

#supportlocal #buylocal #smallbusiness #localbusiness 

These hashtags (and others) are used frequently on social media. Local and small businesses need support. We all know that right? Despite this we tend to do what’s easier, quicker (and sometimes cheaper) as buyers and consumers. How many times have you needed a last minute gift quickly on the same day or the next? What do we tend to do? Hit up an online marketplace or brave the busy centre car park on a late afternoon. 

Did you know there is a local award winning tea company? Did you know that coffee of the highest quality is being roasted two roads away by your neighbour? Do you wish you could buy fresh lovingly prepared artisan bread locally? Yes - these businesses exist in Lewisham Borough - right under our noses.

It needs to be easier for us all to not only search and find the brilliant local businesses but buy from them as well! Most of us want to support each other and local independent businesses. We appreciate knowing where our products come from and how they are made or the personal service we receive from a business which cares about our experience. 

The reality is that ‘growing’ a business much less starting one requires incredible resilience, resources and tenacity. The business journey can be lonely and tiring. Stock take, client emails and care, packing and sourcing - the list of tasks are endless! 

What if a growing group of small businesses came together and promoted each other? What if there was an easier way for residents, visitors and consumers in and around Lewisham Borough to support local business, buy fabulous gifts and feel good about themselves all at the same time? 

The Catford Gift List is being curated to make it easy for us all to find local businesses in Lewisham Borough - this includes home based businesses as well. The list will also enable all of us to truly buy local with ease.

If you are a maker, inventor or creator of a service or product you can submit your business to the directory for FREE!

If you know anyone else in Lewisham Borough who has a business please share this post.

If you are a consumer or buyer and you want to find all of the brilliant local businesses right here in Lewisham Borough then connect with the Catford Gift List via Twitter or Instagram to see the list and for updates.